What About the Unprovoked US Aggression Against Iraq?

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“Referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an editorial in Saturday’s Washington Post exclaims that Ukraine’s ‘struggle is also a crucible for Europe and an assault against the most basic precept on which the Western system rests: the impermissibility of unprovoked wars of aggression.’ In a follow-up editorial today, the Post calls for an international tribunal to try Vladimir Putin and his ‘henchmen’ for waging a ‘war of aggression’ against Ukraine. … What befuddles me, however, is why the Post doesn’t also condemn President George W. Bush and his ‘henchmen’ for their unprovoked invasion of Iraq and, further, why the Post doesn’t call for a Nuremberg-type tribunal for Bush and his ‘henchmen.'” (01/23/23)