Biden’s Next Chief of Staff a Disaster in the Making

Source: The Nation
by Jeet Heer

“In 2021, Elliot Malin did something heroic: He donated a kidney to save the life of his distant cousin Scott Kline, who was suffering from end-stage renal failure. Although third cousins, the two men were close and Malin was happy to make the sacrifice. Unfortunately, his spirit of altruism was matched by an opposing spirit of rapacity in the private health care system. Even though living kidney donors are not supposed to be charged for their surgery, a firm called NorthStar Anesthesia tried to stick Malin with a bill for $13,064. Despite Malin’s explaining that the bill was supposed to be taken care of by Kline’s insurance company, NorthStar Anesthesia even threatened to unleash a collection agency to get the money.” [editor’s note: When even “progressive” pundits see a problem with Dem actions, you know its wrong – SAT] (01/23/23)