“We Will Not Accept Your Laws and We Will Not Comply With Them”

Source: In These Times
by Liam Kennedy

“The United Kingdom has teetered on the edge of a ​‘de facto general strike’ for months as workers protest an intensifying cost-of-living crisis. But rather than meeting the workers’ demands for adequate pay and benefits, the government has simply decided to outlaw the right to strike for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of workers. The Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill, introduced in Parliament on January 10, would affect workers across six sectors of the U.K. economy — health, fire and rescue services, education, transport, nuclear decommissioning, and border security. Under this law, the government could force these workers to cross their own picket lines to provide ​’minimum levels’ of service on strike days. If they fail to comply, workers could be instantly dismissed and their unions slapped with ruinous lawsuits.” (01/21/23)