Hacktivist Discovered US Regime’s No Fly List on Unsecured Airline Server

Source: Rolling Stone

“A copy of the No Fly List from 2019 has leaked, uncovered by a Swiss cybersecurity researcher and hacktivist who claims to have discovered it on an unsecured internet server belonging to an airline. The Daily Dot first reported news that a hacktivist who uses the moniker maia arson crimew found the list one evening while browsing a Shodan [sic], a search engine for Internet-connected devices. According to crimew, a publicly accessible server run by CommuteAir contained a text file titled ‘NoFly.csv’ with more than 1.5 million names. The Transportation Security Administration said in a statement that it is ‘is aware of a potential cybersecurity incident, and we are investigating in coordination with our federal partners.'” (01/23/23)