Post-Roe Reality Sets In

Source: The Dispatch
by Chris Stirewalt

“For all of the attention paid to the consequences from the end of Roe v. Wade on the recent midterm elections, neither party has come to grips with reality in a nation where the long stalemate on access to elective abortions has been broken. Indeed, so much of the attention was on how Democrats were pouncing and Republicans were distancing, and female suburbanites were energizing, we haven’t given appropriate attention to the structural changes taking place in politics. … There are already more than a dozen Republican states that have outright bans on elective abortion and others, like Florida, with steep curbs. More will follow. … Meanwhile, Democrats are enjoying their best state-level standing since the beginning of the Obama era, reclaiming total control in Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Minnesota for the first time in years.” (01/23/23)