Libertarianism and Catholicism Mesh Better Than You Think

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Kate Westwood

“Can Catholics Be libertarian? According to an American Values Survey, libertarians make up at least 7% of Americans. In addition, about 15% of Americans would consider or already do vote for libertarian values, even if they’re not exclusively affiliated with the party. The fact that most libertarians are younger (under 50 demographic) has led to some stereotyping that libertarians are by and large non-religious conservatives. But the statistics suggest otherwise. Up to 27% of libertarians are Protestant, while 23% are white evangelical Protestant, and only 11% identify as Catholic. While it’s true that 25-27% of libertarians are religiously unaffiliated, the data show that libertarianism is a fairly broad political leaning and not only could libertarians be Catholic, but about 11% of American libertarians already are Catholic.” (01/23/23)