Sweden: NATO application imperiled after Quran burnt outside Turkish embassy

Source: Financial Times [UK]

“Sweden was working frantically on Sunday to keep its Nato bid on track after a furious reaction in Turkey to a provocateur being allowed to burn a copy of the Koran outside its embassy in Stockholm. The prime minister and foreign minister sought to defuse a wave of anger in Turkey, not just from the government but also opposition figures and the public. Sweden, which has some of the strongest protections of free speech in Europe, granted permission for the Koran-burning protest, as it has done several times previously — even after it sparked [sic] riots in April. … The latest setback in Sweden’s attempts to convince Turkey to back its application for Nato membership came on Saturday afternoon when Rasmus Paludan, a notorious Danish rightwing provocateur, set fire to the Koran outside Turkey’s embassy in Stockholm.” [editor’s note: Don’t like Quran-burnings? Don’t burn a Quran. “Problem” solved – TLK] (01/22/23)