TN: Regime fires officials after damning death penalty report

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Tennessee has fired two top officials after a report revealed numerous errors in the state’s lethal injection system. The Department of Corrections has fired head lawyer, Debra Inglis, and Inspector General Kelly Young. The independent report found drugs used in Tennessee’s lethal injections were not properly tested for contaminants. The lethal injection has come under increased scrutiny in recent months after a series of botched executions across several US states. A separate report from the Death Penalty Information Center found that more than one-third of executions in the US in 2022 were botched or highly problematic. The report from the non-profit, which takes no position on capital punishment, said executions were visibly problematic because of incompetence, failures to follow protocol or defects in the protocols themselves. In Tennessee, officials are currently considering changes to the lethal injection protocol and executions are on hold.” (01/22/23)