CA: District administrator calls for “privileged white voices” to be dismissed from curriculum plans

Source: Fox News

“A California district administrator involved in overseeing curriculum, Samia Shoman, called for ‘privileged White voices’ to be removed from influencing against a far-left ethnic studies curriculum. Shoman oversees curriculum in the San Mateo Union High School district as manager of English Learners and Academic Support Programs. The email was dated March 2021 and was obtained via public record request by Zachor Legal. Shoman contacted the California State superintendent, Tony Thurmond, in March 2021. Shoman blasted ‘white voices’ and said they should have no part in influencing the curriculum. ‘We urge the [state board of education] not to give in to the pressures and influences of political lobbyists, racist & privileged white voices, and individuals,’ she said.” [editor’s note: Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it – SAT] (01/22/23)