Not Religious? Might Want to Check on that Again

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Thomas Harrington

“When it comes to coping with our existential dilemmas and a whole host of other life issues, we humans crave unity and the ability to transcend our difficulties, and as part of these cravings we seek grand, and thus often overly simplistic theories about the nature of the problems in our fragmented lives, as well as their potential solutions. But what if you don’t know you have this craving? … Then, I would suggest, you will find yourself in the very vulnerable position where many avowedly secular people find themselves today; pledging loyalty with what can only be called religious fervor to concepts of group identity that, like those from religious traditions they’ve been taught (not without reason) to view with great skepticism, are often designed by cynical elites to simplify their life dilemmas, and in this way, rob them of their own individual critical capacities.” (01/20/23)