How DOJ Weaponizes Secrets for Partisan Warfare

Source: Tablet Magazine
by Jacob Siegel

“On Wednesday morning, Jamie Lee Curtis was trending on Twitter. Earlier in the week, the actress had posted a photo on Instagram …. The Instagram photo has since been deleted, after thousands of amateur investigators online tweeted at Curtis to ask why there was a photo of a naked child stuffed into a suitcase hanging on her office wall. Here was a clue pointing to Curtis’[s] involvement in the globalist pedophile ring known to dominate the political and cultural elite of the United States along with who knows how many other Western nations. This particular conspiracy theory, which has branches in Pizzagate and QAnon, has two great strengths. First, it can’t be disproved by contrary evidence. To take one example, the image on Curtis’[s] wall does not, in fact, show a child’s body crammed into a suitcase.” (01/21/23)