Bullying with “the science”: The opposite of real science

Source: New York Post
by Rich Lowry

“Copernicus surely had no idea when he got the Scientific Revolution underway in the 16th century that an unintended effect would be empowering agenda-driven bullies and fanatics. Of course, science is a pillar of modern life for which we should be deeply grateful. It has given us longer and healthier lives, incredible material abundance and abilities that were unfathomable a few generations ago. It is ‘science’ (used as a rhetorical tactic and ideological weapon) that is a blight on 21st-century American life. This faux science is not dispassionate but fired by a great moral certainty. It is not open to counterarguments and different interpretations but insists on only one answer to complicated or ambiguous questions. It is not rigorously neutral, but aims to achieve cherished political goals. The debate over gas stoves illustrates perfectly the faux scientific method.” (01/20/23)