We Must Stop Thinking of About This as a “Border Crisis”

Source: Common Dreams
by Farrah Hassen

“Most of us agree that the U.S. immigration system is in dire need of reform. But inflammatory rhetoric and policies designed to keep immigrants away won’t get us there. When I was in law school, I witnessed firsthand the difficulties faced by asylum seekers. These desperate people had already endured terrifying conditions in their home countries and harrowing journeys to reach the U.S. border. Then they had to navigate a vastly complex immigration system that seemed bent on sending them away. I’ve listened to asylum seekers in immigration jail speak about their fears of persecution if returned back to their home countries. I’ve accompanied them during their asylum interviews. And I’ve observed judges in immigration court hear nearly 100 cases in a single day. Politicians and media pundits quickly reduce this mounting humanitarian crisis to ‘border security.'” (01/21/23)