Peru: Police, protesters clash in capital as demands for president’s resignation grow

Source: Fox News

“Protests in the streets of Peru have continued to grow as protesters continue to demand President Dina Boluarte’s resignation and for her predecessor Pedro Castillo to return to office. … Video shows police shooting canisters of tear gas into crowds of demonstrators, who kick or throw the cans back at the officers. Fires in apartments and vehicles light up the streets, with footage showing burned-out cars and burning tires. … Castillo dissolved the country’s Congress in December and called for new elections ahead of a renewed attempt to remove him from office. He established a new emergency government and said he would make changes to leadership in the judiciary, police and constitutional court. The move to oust Castillo concerned corruption allegations, with six investigations opened against him. Castillo’s actions, seen as an effort to preserve power, prompted the Congress to fully oust him and replace him with Boluarte, his former vice president.” (01/19/23)