Ten reasons to take UFOs seriously

Source: The Hill
by Marik von Rennenkampff

“Pilots and radar operators have observed airborne objects appearing to demonstrate radically advanced technologies for nearly a century. In the early 1950s, a government-contracted scientific analysis of more than 3,000 reports found that 33 percent of the most credible, highest quality encounters could not be identified. By 1952, intelligence assessments ruled out domestic or foreign origins for UFOs, convincing several high-ranking officials that the objects were ‘interplanetary’ craft. But in 1953, Cold War fears led the U.S. government to adopt a semi-official policy of ‘debunking’ and discrediting UFO sightings. … There is credible evidence that competing elements of the U.S. government have split into pro- and anti-UFO factions. If this is the case, history is repeating itself.” (01/19/23)