Biden, Wipe That Grin Off Your Face; We Want Answers

Source: Daily Mail [UK]
by David Marcus

“The way President Joe Biden blithely smirks and laughs in the faces of America’s reporters you might think that he doesn’t respect them. But no, that can’t be the case. His is the White House that spoke – on day one of the administration – of a, ‘deep respect for the role of a free and independent press in our democracy.’ Well Joe, I think you’d call that malarkey. On Tuesday, as Biden sat in the Oval Office next to the Dutch Prime Minister reporters peppered him with questions about his classified document scandal, and as always, the smirker-in-chief pressed his lips together, shrugged to his foreign visitor and chuckled as if these journalists were just pesky children. This is a habit for him: insulting the American media in front of foreign leaders.” (01/19/23)