From drought and storm to calm in California

Source: Christian Science Monitor
by staff

“Since late December, a stack of unusual storms known as atmospheric rivers has inundated California, dropping up to 600% of normal rainfall in a month. The visual impact is striking in a state parched by three years of severe drought: flooded streets, mudslides, and brimming reservoirs. At least 20 people have died, the state estimates. Disruptive weather events tend to reinforce the central fear of a warming atmosphere: that environmental instability and human insecurity are ‘the new normal.’ Floodwaters are still receding in Pakistan, months after heavy monsoon rains and melting glaciers inundated a third of the country. Abnormal rains are flooding wide swaths of the Philippines nearly two months into what should be the dry season. Just measuring extremity, however, misses something else going on. Dire weather situations have helped raise a tide of global compassion.” (01/19/23)