There Were Only 12 Days Last Year When Police Didn’t Kill Someone

Source: In These Times
by Sharon Zhang

“Stunning new data shows that police across the U.S. killed 1,176 people in 2022, the highest number of police killings in a year since researchers began recording such data a decade ago. According to Mapping Police Violence, there were only 12 days in 2022 when police didn’t kill someone. The majority of the killings took place in scenarios where no crime was alleged, or where police were called for things like nonviolent offenses or mental health checks. Only 31 percent of the people killed were in a situation where a violent crime had allegedly taken place, while 32 percent were killed while fleeing — situations in which police potentially put the public in danger while pursuing their victim. In all, police killed over three people a day on average last year, adding up to nearly 100 people a month.” (01/19/23)