What Went Wrong in Britain

Source: Law & Liberty
by Daniel Patterson

“Twenty-twenty-two was a tumultuous year in British politics that saw three prime ministers and the UK rival Australia as the ‘coup capital’ of the West. Great Britain is in the midst of a winter of discontent, reminiscent of 1978 with widespread industrial action, energy shortages, and a cost-of-living crisis exacerbated by inflation, interest rates, and taxation reaching levels many of us have never experienced. With crumbling public services and declining living standards, there is dismay at the state of the country, with citizens feeling that they are paying more than ever for very little in return. However, unlike in 1979 when public outrage catapulted Margaret Thatcher into office, the Conservatives have now been in government for 13 years and cannot distance themselves from their own record. With the opposition parties making the case for bold reforms and economic growth, the Conservative Party looks exhausted and out of ideas.” (01/19/23)