When It Comes to Mishandling Classified Documents, the Powerful Are Treated With Kid Gloves

Source: Jacobin
by Branko Marcetic

“Let’s be honest: as much as they might obsess the media, the classified documents scandals that engulfed Donald Trump and now President Joe Biden are a bit overblown. Rampant overclassification and absurd levels of government secrecy have been a problem in Washington for decades …. presidents mishandling classified documents isn’t just not a top priority — it wouldn’t even rank in the top ten. But all of that’s not to say that the story doesn’t matter at all, as so many commentators who eagerly pounced on Trump’s document scandal are now trying to claim. The true outrage about this whole affair is that if Biden and Trump weren’t wealthy, prominent, and politically powerful people, we wouldn’t be having any of this discussion at all — they’d simply be prosecuted and thrown in jail without anyone so much as batting an eye.” (01/18/23)