Could the Russian Military Make a Comeback?

Source: Hoover Institution
by Ralph Peters

“Almost a year into Russia’s latest invasion, with its sanctioned, heedless atrocities, Ukraine’s battlefield performance has been inspiring and effective — and a disorienting shock to Russia’s startlingly inept generals and would-be czar. Instead of collapsing, the Kyiv government has demonstrated to the world its viability, distinct national identity, and commitment to independence, while its maddened neighbor poisons itself with self-aggrandizing myths and reveals, yet again, the Russian default to cruelty as an all-purpose solution. … Ukraine has the will, skill, and support to win. So far. On paper. But a year ago — on paper — a Russian victory looked inevitable to the ‘best and brightest’ military commentors in the West. While wishing the best for Ukraine, wishful thinking won’t do: It would be folly to write off the gut-shot Russian military even now.” (01/18/23)