Qantas Airways Boeing plane issues mayday call after engine fails with a “bang,” lands safely

Source: Fox News

“A Qantas Airways plane has managed to land safely in Australia on a single engine Wednesday after it issued a mayday call while flying over the Pacific Ocean. Qantas Flight 144, a Boeing 737-838 carrying 145 passengers, ‘experienced an issue’ with one of its two engines when it was an hour away from Sydney, the airline said in a statement to The Associated Press. The plane had departed from Auckland, New Zealand. ‘Thank God we are here. We thank the captain profusely for his professionalism. Thank the Lord,’ a passenger told reporters that had gathered at Sydney Airport following the plane’s arrival. One passenger reported hearing a ‘bang’ mid-air before the plane landed. … Qantas said the pilot shut down the troubled engine, but did not specify the problem.” (01/18/23)