Why Oligarchs Don’t Just Want to Be Rich, But Kill Democracy [sic] Too

Source: Common Dreams
by Thom Hartmann

“Why are America’s plutocrats funding efforts to weaken our democracy and replace it with plutocracy and oligarchy? Is it just about money? Or is there something much deeper that most Americans rarely even consider? An extraordinary investigative report from documented.net tells how morbidly rich families, their companies, and their personal foundations are funding efforts to limit or restrict democracy across the United States. … This effort, of course, is not unique to the one think tank they called out. From Donald Trump all the way down to the lowest Republican county official, efforts to make it harder for what John Adams called ‘the rabble’ to vote and otherwise participate in democracy are in full swing across America.” [editor’s note: As usual this “progressive” pundit thinks “saving democracy” is the goal of a free society, when it is often the exact opposite – SAT] (01/18/23)