Hamline University admits “misstep” in condemning/firing art professor for showing art

Source: Daily Mail [UK]

“Hamline University has walked back its condemnation of an art history professor after being pummeled in the press and public, and admits now that it only ever labeled her ‘Islamophobic’ to appease its Muslim students. … In October, adjunct professor Erika Lopez Prater showed an online class an image of the Prophet Muhammad as part of an art history class. She warned the students watching virtually what she planned to do, and gave them ample warning to look away from the image if they were so inclined. In some — but not all — fractions of Islam, it is forbidden to look at the image of the Prophet. After the class, a student who is also the president of the university’s Muslim association complained. Prater, who’d been hired that semester for the first time and was due to return for the spring semester, was shown the door.” (01/18/23)