Brazil’s Supreme Chaos

Source: Law & Liberty
by Leonidas Zelmanovitz

“Despite some obvious differences, Brazil and the United States have a lot in common. They are both nations forged from European colonies in the New World; they have large territories, populations, and economies. They also have in common a tainted history of slavery, though both are now multi-ethnic federal republics where, supposedly, the rule of law is the law of the land. And from time to time, their political systems suffer from the baleful effects of populism, although the recent violence in Brazil had other causes than the instigation of a populist leader. One significant difference, however, is constitutional longevity. While the United States has operated — at least nominally — under the same Constitution for well over 200 years, Brazil has had six constitutions so far (1824, 1891, 1934,1945, 1967, and 1988). All but the last were brought about by revolutions or military coups.” (01/18/23)