Twitter might be replaced, but not by Mastodon or other imitators

Source: Washington Post
by Megan McArdle

“By now, every social media network’s primary problem is all the other social media networks. Each platform becomes more valuable with each additional user, because it means more people to connect with. But at this point, fledgling platforms have basically two choices to grow their networks: Persuade users to give up some other app, or persuade us to give up sleep. This is why Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter turned out to be a stroke of luck for Mastodon, a platform that might be described as an open-source, decentralized version of Twitter. In November, people who were disgusted with Musk’s new moderation policies — or just worried that Twitter would stop working after a 75 percent reduction in employee head count — migrated to Mastodon, driving its user total from 300,000 in October to 2.5 million. This was a spectacular growth rate until it stopped.” (01/17/23)