Why I Cherish Those Holiday Squabbles Over Politics That so Many Families Disdain

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Joey Clark

“Fresh off another birthday, I can’t help but admit I’m becoming more like my father as he becomes more like his father — and we are powerless to stop it. Some qualities I welcome; others I try to endure stoically (though I seriously doubt that the mighty stoic, Epictetus, ever had to ‘cease worrying’ about getting fatter by the day). Just goes to show that ancient wisdom can apply to the most weighty of modern problems. That said, one trait I most look forward to inheriting from Granddaddy and Dad is a peculiar psychosomatic epiphenomenon called — well, I’m not quite sure what to call it. You could call it ‘premature laughter’ or possibly ‘early onset chuckles’ or maybe even a case of ‘irritable guffaw syndrome.’ I believe the term my family settled upon years ago is ‘tickled with yourself.'” (01/17/23)