A Chili Dawg Rises From the Ashes of Broadway

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“Over the weekend, a clip of a Broadway guitarist made the rounds online. In the clip, the guitarist, Michael ‘Chili Dawg’ Castleberry, takes a longneck Coors and uses it as a slide before sticking it between his teeth, rearing his head back, and chugging the whole thing while shredding on his ’52 Telecaster. Later that night, after that epoch-defining performance, Chili Dawg was caught snoozing in his car out front of Tootsie’s while loading up his equipment; the MNPD, doing their usual surveillance of the Broadway drunks, subsequently charged the mythical performer for driving under the influence (does napping in your car really warrant this?). As unfortunate as the charges are, from the molten ashes of Broadway (where the gutters run with domestic beer and the streets are filled with the shrieks of wooing women) a new phoenix has risen.” (01/17/23)