Why does so much of Gen-Z hate [sic] America? Here’s why we can’t give up on them

Source: Fox News
by Karol Markowicz

“In previous generations, the rebellious youth were always a topic of consternation for the old folks. They don’t listen! They drive too fast and talk too loud. They wear funny clothes and don’t respect their teachers. But something has changed in the last few years that should have the older generations far more worried than they would have been in the past. A recent Morning Consult poll found that only 16 percent of Gen Z’ers are proud to live in the United States. Millennials were only somewhat saner [sic] at 36 percent. These numbers should set off alarm bells. In the last ten years, there has been a sharp decline in national pride. It is not an accident. It’s a deliberate attempt by the left to destroy American patriotism and replace it with their ideology.” [editor’s note: What’s there to be “proud” of in having exited the birth canal at a particular geographic location? – TLK] (01/17/23)