TX: TSA thugs combine security theatrics, moral panic over odd luggage find

Source: WHIO TV 7

“TSA officers found a weapon Monday at San Antonio International Airport, but it wasn’t just any run-of-the-mill gun. Instead, it was an 84mm weapon, possibly a Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle …. The weapon was in checked luggage, which is permitted, according to TSA regulations, but it was not declared, WOAI reported. … Weapons are allowed to be checked on flights, but they must be unloaded and stored in a hard-sided case. The owner of a firearm is required declare it to the airline, according to the TSA. ‘It’s really alarming for anyone who wants to travel with that kind of weapon to not follow the rules that are set,’ TSA spokesperson Patricia Mancha said. ‘They’re not difficult. They’re not a secret.’ The weapon may have been a replica or an inert display gun, but Mancha said the owner still should have told the TSA or airline about the device before checking it.”