“Children of the COVID”

Source: TK News
by Matt Orfalea & Matt Taibbi

“‘I’m more worried for children than I’ve ever been.’ ‘It is picking off young people like we’ve never seen.’ ‘Think of the children!’ As Matt Orfalea shows above in his new ‘Children of the COVID’ video, this was real press commentary stretching across years about a Covid-19 virus now recognized to pose an extraordinarily small risk to children. Living in America in the last 6-7 years has been like being trapped in a fugue state, where reality is kaleidoscopic, memory is elusive, and moments of clarity sometimes more jarring than reassuring. To be reminded of what we were told day after day for years, after being trained to forget, is like waking from an unpleasant dream, prompting thoughts like, ‘Did that really happen?'” (01/17/23)