Grand Old Investigations

Source: The American Conservative
by R Jordan Prescott

“The new Republican House will soon begin investigating the Biden administration and his family, namely his brother James and son Hunter. Congressional investigations are critical to the separation of powers and make for great political theater. Yet those enthused by the prospect of investigations, revelations, and resignations ought to temper their expectations: Republicans are underachievers when it comes to oversight. … Since 1995, Republicans have been the majority party in both houses of Congress during a Democratic administration more often than not. Meanwhile, the party has become less competitive in presidential elections, winning the popular majority only once during the same period. Accordingly, Republicans have been more susceptible — and have succumbed more often — to the temptation of trying their hand at their own Watergate-style ouster of the sitting president. An appetite for investigation, however, has not meant an aptitude for it.” (01/17/23)