A World Without Affirmative Action

Source: Quillette
by Harveyh Silverglate

“Opponents of racial preferences have long claimed that affirmative action, by its very nature, violates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment because it treats individual applicants differently based solely on their membership in a racial demographic category. Further, since Harvard and UNC, as well as nearly every other college and university, accept federal funds, critics of affirmative action claim that both public and private colleges violate equal protection by engaging in racial preferences. … since the Bakke decision in 1978, pro-affirmative action court opinions have been uneasy and defensive, camouflaging the unappealing logic of affirmative action behind righteous rhetoric about ‘diversity.’ … despite the pervasive belief that diversity is an unalloyed good, it is not self-evident that diversity is always desirable or without costs.” (01/16/23)