Covid-19 Drugmakers Pressured Twitter to Censor Activists Pushing for Generic Vaccine

Source: The Intercept

“In mid-December 2020, Nina Morschhaeuser, a lobbyist for Twitter in Europe, emailed colleagues with a dire warning. The drugmaker BioNTech, along with the German government, had contacted her with news of an imminent ‘campaign targeting the pharmaceutical companies developing the COVID-19 vaccine,’ she wrote. … The campaign they were concerned about was the launch of an international push to force the drug industry to share the intellectual property and patents associated with coronavirus vaccine development. … Morschhaeuser, while alerting several site integrity and safety teams at Twitter, forwarded on an email from BioNTech spokesperson Jasmina Alatovic, who asked Twitter to ‘hide’ activist tweets targeting her company’s account over a period of two days. Morschhaeuser flagged the corporate accounts of Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna, and AstraZeneca for her colleagues to monitor and shield from activists.” (01/16/23)