Miami’s Neoconservative Grift

Source: The American Conservative
by Juan David Rojas

“Last month the department of justice indicted former congressman and anti-Cuba Cold Warrior David Rivera (R-FL) on eight counts including money laundering and failing to register as a foreign agent. Long a staple of Miami and South Florida politics, Rivera is accused of accepting a $50 million consulting contract with—wait for it—the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. For a city run more or less like Havana in 1958, Rivera’s crimes are a bridge too far even by Miami standards. … Since 2020, exiles in Miami plotted the overthrow of not one, two but three sitting presidents in the Americas (the most recent of which was Haiti’s Jovenel Moise, who was brutally assassinated in 2021). What makes Rivera’s case so egregious, however, is that the congressman’s career at both the state and federal levels was predicated almost entirely on anti-communism.” (01/16/23)