American Religion Is Not Dead Yet

Source: The Atlantic
by Wendy Cadge & Elan Babchuck

“Take a drive down Main Street of just about any major city in the country, and — with the housing market ground to a halt — you might pass more churches for sale than homes. This phenomenon isn’t likely to change anytime soon; according to the author of a 2021 report on the future of religion in America, 30 percent of congregations are not likely to survive the next 20 years. … But the old metrics of success — attendance and affiliation, or, more colloquially, ‘butts, budgets, and buildings’ — may no longer capture the state of American religion. Although participation in traditional religious settings (churches, synagogues, mosques, schools, etc.) is in decline, signs of life are popping up elsewhere: in conversations with chaplains, in communities started online that end up forming in-person bonds as well, in social-justice groups rooted in shared faith.” (01/16/23)