Report: Twitter deliberately suspended Tweetbot and other third-party apps, forcing people to use the platform’s official app

Source: Business Insider

“Elon Musk’s Twitter intentionally cut off access to Tweetbot and other third-party apps last week, The Information reported, citing internal messages. As a result, people were unable to use Twitter on external apps, meaning they would have to log in to Twitter’s app, per the report. The suspension started on Thursday night and access to Twitter from Tweetbot was still blocked on Monday at time of writing, according to a message on the platform, reviewed by Insider. The Information reported there was speculation that Twitter could have suspended the apps because they failed to bump up ad revenue. … When opening Tweetbot, a message about service disruption popped up, saying access to Twitter from its platform failed to work since 7:30 pm PT on Thursday.” (01/16/23)