Volodzymandias: US Aid is Turning Ukraine into Another Israel

Source: exile in happy valley
by Nicky Reid

“Americans in general aren’t exactly a bunch renowned for their global solidarity but they really do seem to legitimately give a fuck about the besieged people of Ukraine. As a lifelong anti-imperialist who has spent the raw end of a lifetime trying to convince these same motherfuckers that Palestinians and Iraqis are people too, the temptation to roll my eyes at this sudden outpouring of empathy for the one population on the business end of a bomb that doesn’t have ‘Made in America’ stamped on the side of it is understandably high. But I think this instinct is a mistake, both tactically and morally. People getting bombed are people getting bombed, regardless of what color cowboy hat the despot throwing the switch is wearing.” (01/15/23)