Webb Telescope confirms Earth-size exoplanet, tries to sniff its air

Source: Sky & Telescope

“The James Webb Space Telescope has confirmed its first exoplanet, a rocky Earth-size planet, and attempted to take the measure of its atmosphere. The planet formerly known as TOI 910.01, now LHS 475b, is real, according to new observations by the James Webb Space Telescope. Although roughly Earth-like in size, this world is nevertheless completely uninhabitable, roasting in its four-day orbit around its middle-aged red dwarf star. NASA’s TESS mission first pinpointed this planet as a candidate worth follow-up, detecting the blip as the world crossed its star. In the follow-up Webb observations on August 31st and September 4th, the telescope caught two such transits, in which the planet blocked a mere 0.1% of the star’s light for 40 minutes.” (01/15/23)