Tunisia: Anti-regime protests take place on revolution anniversary

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar state media]

“Thousands of protesters are marching in the Tunisian capital against President Kais Saied‘s increasingly authoritarian drift, demanding he step down. Protesters are also marking 12 years since the Arab Spring revolution erupted across the region. The central Avenue Habib Bourguiba – the artery of the capital, Tunis, and a key site for the revolution – was crowded on Saturday with thousands of protesters waving Tunisian flags, amid chants of ‘people demand the fall of the regime.’ A heavy police presence remained outside the Interior Ministry building on the street along with water cannon. Protesters had pushed past police and metal barricades to reach the avenue, defying initial efforts by the authorities to keep separate several parallel protests that had been called by different political parties and civil society organisations. The protest comes after disastrous parliamentary elections last month in which just 11 percent of voters cast ballots.” (01/14/23)