Biden’s Documents Case Is Really Like Hillary Clinton’s

Source: Politico
by Renato Mariotti

“Based on what we know now, Biden’s sloppy [sic] retention of a smattering of classified documents looks more like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s inadvertent [sic] retention of classified material on a private email server than former President Donald Trump’s stubborn refusal to return hundreds of classified documents to the DOJ despite repeated demands from federal officials.” [editor’s note: So “sloppy” and “inadvertent” (by career politicians who are NOT the POTUS at the time, and thus have no legal right to “declassify” classified documents) are just fine, but a “stubborn refusal” is a crime? Got it – SAT] [additional editor’s note: Apparently Steve doesn’t get that FORMER presidents magically retroactively declassifying documents “just by thinking about it” isn’t a “legal right” – TLK] (01/13/23)