Putin’s George W. Bush Problem, or Bush’s Putin Problem?

Source: Common Dreams
by Kary Love

“V. Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine is a war crime. Although the ‘NATO expansion’ is an apparent effort to encircle Russia on its western border with new NATO members, despite the promise of the Bush I administration not to do so, may be considered on the issue of appropriate punishment, it is no defense to the crime. In fact, aggressive war, or a war of invasion, is the ‘ultimate war crime’ according to the Nuremberg Tribunal and the US Prosecutor Justice Jackson. Recent precedent supports that Putin is subject to prosecution for the invasion of Ukraine. In particular, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal and Commission were established under the Laws of Malaysia; they had a pre-existing Statute and Rules of Procedure. They also paid for a qualified Team of Malaysian Barristers to defend the Defendants.” (01/14/23)