Peru: Cop burned to death in patrol car as casualties from violent post-election protests reaches 47

Source: Fox News

“A police officer on patrol was attacked and burned to death by protesters in the Peruvian region of Puno, as the death toll from demonstrations in the wake of the ouster of former President Pedro Castillo rose to 47, authorities said Tuesday. … Peru’s Ombudsman’s Office said that since the protests began in early December after Castillo’s dismissal, 39 civilians had been killed in clashes with police and another seven others had died in traffic accidents, as well as the fallen police officer. The police officer’s death came after 17 people were killed Monday in Juliaca as protests seeking immediate elections resumed in neglected rural areas of the country still loyal to Castillo. The unrest began following Castillo’s removal and arrest following a widely condemned attempt to dissolve Congress and head off his own impeachment.” (01/12/23)