Politics or by-the-book? Investigating Biden’s classified documents

Source: The Hill
by Andrew C McCarthy

“[T]here is patently a conflict of interest in the Biden Justice Department’s investigating Biden himself. Yet, [Attorney General Merrick] Garland has refused to appoint a special counsel for both the new investigation of Biden’s mishandling classified information and the long-pending investigation of millions of dollars of foreign money reportedly flowing into the Biden family coffers …. Garland’s story, which the media apparently accepts, is that there is no need for a special counsel on the Biden documents probe because he has assigned the case to John Lausch Jr., the Trump-appointed U.S. attorney in Chicago. What you’re not being told is that a district U.S. attorney cannot get confirmed absent the approval of senators from the state in question. This means that, in Illinois, Trump’s nominee needed to be acceptable to two Democrats, the powerful Dick Durbin (the second-ranking Democrat in the chamber) and Tammy Duckworth, both stalwart Biden allies.” (01/12/23)