Beware the “America First” foreign policy phonies

Source: Responsible Statecraft
by Andrew Earvolino

“In justifying the Iraq War to the American people, George Bush in part invoked a grandiose framing centered around the liberation of the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein’s tyranny. This Wilsonian impulse to spread freedom was a staple of Republican foreign policy rhetoric for years …. with the emergence of Donald Trump, this line of thinking experienced a formidable challenge, a GOP presidential candidate seemingly willing to question the assumptions and platitudes that had dictated his party’s foreign policy for years. … One may first look at such a development as a harbinger of a more restrained Republican foreign policy moving forward. In reality though, many of the figures and institutions increasingly employing such language have not in fact shifted their position towards restraint, but have instead simply co-opted ‘America First’ realist language to sustain the hawkish status quo.” (01/12/23)