A Far-Right Promise: “To Create Civil Disorder and Inspire Further Violence”

Source: Common Dreams
by Stan Cox

“Lost in the rush of political and climate-related news in the closing weeks of 2022 was the small but intriguing story of a December 3rd armed attack on two power substations in Moore County, North Carolina. The installations were severely damaged by gunfire, leaving 45,000 residents to suffer through the winter cold without power, many of them for several days. A little over two weeks after the attack, a large, swastika-bedecked banner sporting the slogan ‘BRING IT ALL DOWN’ was hung from an overpass on US Route 1, a few minutes’ drive from the substations. The banner included an internet address leading to a photo of an electrical substation under the same ‘BRING IT ALL DOWN’ slogan. That photo had been posted following an earlier substation attack in Maysville, North Carolina, 170 miles away.” (01/12/23)