States Should Celebrate the FTC’s Noncompete Ban, and Then Pass Their Own

Source: The American Prospect
by Michael Swerdlow

“Last week, the FTC proposed a ban on noncompete agreements, which are employment contracts that prevent workers from seeking or acquiring a new job in the same field. This bold expansion of unfair competition law is projected to raise workers’ wages by over $300 billion annually. This would not only empower the 18 percent of workers currently subject to noncompete agreements, but based on past precedent, it would also raise the wages of workers who aren’t bound by noncompetes. Even before the ban has been finalized, the Chamber of Commerce announced its opposition, and FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson staunchly dissented from the proposal. In light of Republican discontent, we should expect that the next time they control the FTC, they may try to rescind or undermine the ban, as unpopular as that may be.” (01/12/23)