Mexico: Missing journalists appear chained hand and foot in video, “paying the consequences” for their reporting

Source: CBS News

“Media rights activists voiced concern on Wednesday for three Mexican journalists feared to have been abducted two weeks ago in an area controlled by drug traffickers. Jesus Pintor Alegre, Fernando Moreno Villegas and Alan Garcia Aguilar, who worked for the news website Escenario Calentano, disappeared on December 27 in Guerrero state. In a video posted by unknown persons on social media, two of the missing journalists appear chained hand and foot. One the journalists says they’re ‘paying the consequences’ for their reporting in the violent southern region. The area where the journalists went missing is ‘very difficult, very complex, controlled almost 100 percent by the Familia Michoacana’ drug cartel, Reporters Without Borders (RFS) representative Balbina Flores told AFP.” (01/12/23)