Behind Biden classified-docs fiasco is the feds’ obscene abuse of “secrecy”

by James Bovard

“The discovery of Obama-era classified papers in multiple locations former Vice President Joe Biden used is the White House’s latest fiasco. ‘How could that possibly happen? How could anyone be that irresponsible?’ Biden declared. Except that was him bemoaning to ’60 Minutes’ after the FBI found classified documents in its raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. For argument’s sake, let’s assume both Biden and Trump are guilty as hell of mishandling classified documents. (Throw in Hillary Clinton for a trifecta.) The current and former president deserve the full penalty of law that they approved for other violators (some of whom have recently been sent to federal prison for mishandling documents). But the latest scandal shows the need to puncture the iron curtain that both Republicans and Democrats dropped over the federal government.” (01/11/23)