The Philippines Is Losing Its “War on Drugs”

Source: Foreign Policy
by Margaret Simons

“The new president [Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr.] is the son of a dictator with the same name who was head of state for 20 years — until he was forced out in the so-called People Power Revolution of 1986, after years of martial law, human rights abuses, and rampant corruption. Bongbong came to power promising a continuation of the ‘war on drugs’ but with a change in focus to catching ‘bigger fish’ and emphasizing rehabilitation for drug users. This was also meant to include an emphasis on eliminating the root cause — poverty — of the Philippines’s drug problem. In a news release to mark his first 100 days, Bongbong claimed the drug war was now ‘less bloody, more holistic.’ But evidence on the ground tells a different story.” (01/11/23)